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IT is the backbone of any enterprise. We help you to keep IT upright. We enhance your tech savvy quotient.  Bumblebee IT envisions planning, deploying and managing a sophisticated, high performance infrastructure that supports your business.

Our IT consulting strategy produces sound and sustainable IT solutions for every aspect of your business operations, even the minute details.

Our Bumblebee IT team holds high standards. Your business relies heavily on technology - not only for internal processes, but for end user practices as well. As such, there can be significant impacts to productivity, and even revenue, if your technology is not supporting your organization effectively. We have an extensive experience working with a broad range of cutting-edge technologies, and you can leverage this experience to gain top-notch technology consulting services that ensure your technologies are aligned with your business processes and goals.

Following are the cornerstones of our successful IT consulting strategy:

Appraise:  Our case-specific technology audit and data gathering provides us with a detailed and comprehensive picture of your existing network architecture, IT infrastructure and working environment. Our goal is to make state-of-the-art technology work for you.

Recommend:  Our research and analysis is summarized in a proposal for individually designed solutions that suit your business. Our report will recommend a course of action with clearly defined objectives, an architecture map and a detailed plan.

Implement:  Bumblebee IT manages all aspects of the implementation process, including design, procurement, project management, testing, training and documentation. During the implementation process, we work closely with you to produce the best possible results.

Monitor:  Ensuring that your technology performs optimally and securely at all times is our job. At Bumblebee IT we continuously monitor, assess and track the performance and security of your network and applications.

Manage:  Our uniquely designed approach to systems maintenance and support helps you to reduce costs by managing your systems with greater efficiency. We provide enhanced system stability with scheduled maintenance and expert troubleshooting that's just a phone call or a network alert away.

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