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IT Support - Much more than just break fix..

IT Support

Most of us have needed to call for help at some stage. As a customer on the end of the telephone, waiting for an answer, we may think of IT support people as the "help desk". But in reality, the IT support team in an organisation has much more to contribute. Your IT support people are skilled professionals that can help shape your organisation for success. Today we look at why your IT support team need to have input into your strategic plan.

  1. Understand the infrastructure required for the future

  2. Research appropriate technology to meet your future needs

  3. Give suggestions and have input on technology to make you more productive or effective

  4. Choose technology that will enable you to reach your goals, rather than just perform tasks

  5. Train others in your wider team to implement and use new technologies

  6. Educate the wider team so they can self-support on day-to-day tasks

  7. Proactively assist others to get the technology working in the most helpful way for them

  8. Be responsive to the changing needs of the organisation

  9. Contribute to the success of the organisation in an inspiring way

  10. …and fix things when they go wrong

For many organisations, the IT support people are the most tech savvy people in the business. They have the ability to solve problems, yes, but they also have the ability to do research and learn about new technologies. If your IT support team understand where your organisation wants to head in the future, if they understand your goals - they can help you get there.

Today we live in a world that depends on technology to succeed, at every level. This is not going to change anytime soon. Every business, every government department, every school and every charity now depends on technology to function. It doesn't matter if you are a large corporate or a small private business. If you don't have the technology that you need to work effectively and efficiently, you will not survive.

So how about this for an idea? Include your IT support staff in your long-term planning. People in the IT support team, once they understand where you are heading, can do the following things:

Technology matters. Now and in the future. Look around in your workplace. Who do you rely on when things break down? Who are the tech-savvy people? Who can you involve at a higher level, to contribute to your future success?

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